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Blog: Running to Live

This blog has been noticeably quiet this year.  The reason for this is complex, but in a nutshell I have been trying to recover from injury, feeling totally unmotivated to train (pain can do that), and being totally undisciplined with my eating habits (can you say 'comfort food'?).  This turned into a very depressing cycle of living that has led me to where I am today.

Well, this year was not exactly what I had expected.  It was a busy year from a sports perspective.  I decided to include cycling as a new sport in 2014 to give me something I could focus on for my cross-training.  I ran 16 road races, and ran/biked my first duathlon for a total of 1,535 miles of forward motion this year.  The breakdown: 846 miles of running, 627 miles of cycling, and 63 miles of walking.  I completed 4 Full Marathons, 5 Half Marathons, and several shorter distance races.

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Blog: Random Musings

Last fall, I got the notice!  It was time for my 35th High School Reunion at Loyola High School, Los Angeles.  The date was set for February 2, 2013.  There was really no question regarding my attendance; of course I was going to be there!  In fact, I plan on attending every reunion I can going forward.  This was an amazing experience!

The events of December 14, 2012 were horrific and devastating, leaving 20 innocent young children and 6 caring adults in its wake.  There are plenty of articles online about the details so I do not see the need to do so here.  I am still so very sad, angry, confused, and filled with questions.  How do we respond to something like this?

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