A week of lower mileage

This week is my first 'tapering' week.  On Monday, I had a good TEAM Fitness workout! A new trainer was doing the class now, Dee, and she is tough. She is an Army officer and she is no nonsense! Oh man, did my shoulders ache afterwards! We did many minutes of push-ups; we did many minutes of various types of sit-ups and crunches; we worked triceps, bicep curls, LOTS of step-ups holding a heavy ball over our heads, squats, shoulder press, jumping jacks with a 18lb bar, and leg lifts.  Thankfully, this class was only an hour! That'll teach me to miss a few sessions! I had some twinges in my right knee, leftover from my LR, so I was very careful with the jumping jacks and squats but it feels fine now.

This morning, I went for an easy run through the neighborhood.  3.5 miles at a 10:00/mm pace and everything felt pretty good.  I wanted to run further but I had started out later than usual, and I did not want to be late to work.

Saturday will be my 'reduced' Long Run of 6 miles.  I am going to run a "Virtual 10K" sponsored by a runner/blogger.  Why not, right?  And that will end my first week of Tapering -- only 10 miles!  That just seems weird, running such a small number of miles for the week.  Next week is going to be pretty much the same.  Weird!

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