5K Race this Sunday!

In less than 72 hours, I will be running in the Weight Watchers WalkIt 5K! Very exciting! So I am taking it easy in my workouts this week cuz I don't want to get hurt right before the race. I have walked/run only 9 miles this week, Wednesday's cardio workout felt great! Did 5.0-5.5 run intervals several times without any trouble at all. I hope that bodes well for Sunday! I will do my usual Friday cardio workout and do nothing on Saturday other than walk the dog for a good 1.5 miles.

My goal is to set a new PR in this race. If I can run 3:2/4:1 intervals at a 12:00 pace, then I should have no problems achieving that. My gear is all clean and ready. The only worry I have is the weather -- thunderstorms are forecasted. FAIL! So I am praying that any storms coming won't show until after 9:30am when the race will be over. I don't want to run in the rain, but I will if it comes to that. (At some point, I need to get a running jacket for rainy weather.)

The only other issue I hope does NOT occur on Sunday is HRM transmitter blues. Monday I had a weird problem where the watch was not getting a good signal from the transmitter. No idea why that was happening. I contacted Polar and they said to put the band through the washing machine and see if that will clean out the salt deposits that could be interfering with the transmitter. So I did that and it seemed to work fine on Wednesday. So I am going to wash it again on Saturday just to be confident about it working on Sunday. I need my HRM and FootPod to be reliable on Sunday. I might also use iMapMyRun on my iPhone during the run as well. That gives me some decent coverage either way. Plus, the iPhone App pauses my music at each mile to announce run statistics (pace, distance, current speed, etc.).

My weight loss continues! I lost 3.6lbs last week which as AWESOME! So now that brings me to having lost more than 80lbs. I am officially at my half-way milestone!!! W00t!! So by this time next year, I should be at my goal weight -- which will be nice considering I want to run my first half marathon next summer and I don't want to be carrying around an extra 80lbs!

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