Closing in on my Goal

So today I got in a 30-minute cardio workout. It was short but intense -- lots of 12-14% inclines, reverse flys, shoulder presses, arm punches, and curls! The arms and shoulders got a good workout while maintaining a good walking pace.

Then I went to the doctor office with my wife for her follow-up visit. At the end of which, he says "Hey, why don't you just have your check-up today as well instead of coming in next week?" So that's what I did. And glad I did too! Because he laid out a one-month plan for me to get off my last diabetes medication so that by July, I will be off the meds and managing my diabetes through diet and exercise alone! (The good news being that my blood sugars have been 100% under control for the past several months.) Needless to say, he is thrilled with my progress, and especially my weight loss progress and exercise regimen.

So starting tomorrow, I only take 1/2 of the Metformin medication I have been prescribed. Then two weeks later, I cut that by 1/2 once more! Then come July 1st, if my blood sugars are still normal, I stop taking the Metformin all together!! WooHoo!! Couldn't ask for a better gift that that!

Why am I changing my lifestyle and eating more healthier? Why am I running and adding more exercise to my daily routine? Number One: to conquer my Diabetes so I can live a long, active, viable life. Number Two: to lose weight and fit into the suit I was married in. Number Three: to have more fun, experience less stress, and feel good about accomplishing something amazing!

I am closing the gap towards success!!! I will prevail!

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