Started my 10K Training today

Today begins a new step in my running journey. Last month, I decided to run the Windrunner 10K on August 21st (yes, in August -- most likely the hottest month in Chicagoland. What was I thinking?!). So to prepare myself for the longer distance, I signed up for a CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) training program that will get me ready for that race. I know that I need structure and if three is a good program available (with some accountability), then I will follow through.

Today was Week 1 of 10K training! So after work, I joined with a group of about 15-20 runners at 6:30pm to learn about the program and do my first run. It was fun! They broke us up into groups -- into 5K and 10K groups and then by walkers, walk/runners, and runners. I joined the runners group because I really want to do the 10K without walking too often (if at all).

And off we went. The weather was decent and the running path was a little over 2 miles -- more like a 'fun run'. It was a little challenging running the entire 2.3 miles but I did it. My pace was pretty decent (for me) at 12:25. But given that this was only the second time I ran without doing walk/run intervals, I felt pretty happy with the effort.

I think this program is going to be good for me. The trainers are all marathoners and are pretty cool. They answered questions easily and seem to be pretty knowledgeable. Next week will be a more focused session whereas today was more the 'welcome' session.

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