10K Training -- Week Two

Today was REALLY HOT and HUMID! At 6:30pm it was still 94 degrees outside! I was not looking forward to running today. In fact, I was kinda worried about running in this heat. But on the other hand, my 10K is going to be in August so I better figure out an effective approach for being able to run in this kind of weather.

I made sure that I drank a LOT of water throughout the entire day to ensure that I was well hydrated. And then at 5pm, I ate a light meal with both protein and carbs -- a chicken sandwich. So by the time I got to the workout location, I felt pretty ready. The plan was to run 3.5 miles. I had my water bottle ready, and we hit the trail!

I felt pretty strong most of the run. There was a nice cross-breeze that helped keep me cooled down, and I could tell that the earlier hydration work was really paying off. I finished the run strong at a 12:35 pace -- not bad considering the heat. No pains or anything!

The representative from CARA brought us tech shirts for the association. Very awesome! I am definitely going to wear mine for next Wednesday's workout run! I also won a Nathan Fuel Belt during a quiz she gave us. I needed one of those so that was perfect!

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