LifeTime Fitness publishes my journey

My trainer once told me that I should share my journey towards better health and fitness. She said others might find inspiration and affirmation of their own struggles and goals, knowing that a couch potato like me could make progress. (Okay, she didn't use the term 'couch potato'. That is my term for myself)

There is something about shared experiences that people find meaningful. It is a way to show that you are not alone; that there are others who have similar life challenges. And we can support each other to make the choices necessary to change our lives -- and the lives of others -- for the better.

That is partly the reason for his Blog, and the reason I publish my own fitness and weight loss efforts on my FaceBook page. It keeps me accountable to my own goals, and allows me to share my successes and struggles with my friends and family. It makes it 'real' for me. And hopefully, it gives others hope and encouragement to make similar journeys.

So I decided to follow my trainer's suggestion and submit a short article to LifeTime about my journey for their consideration. This morning, I received notification that they published it! I got a similar notification from Polar USA (the maker of my sport watch). I am pretty excited about that!

If you want to take a gander at the LifeTime article, you can find it here. When the Polar article is released, I will post the link to it as well.

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