The Marathon Show covers the big Oct 6-7 weekend of marathon races


Joe Taricani, host of the podcast The Marathon Show, had a cool podcast that came out this past Sunday covering the weekend of October 6-7, during which several marathons took place in the U.S.  I listen to Joe's podcast every week, often listening to it during my Long Runs.  I find his programs informative and entertaining.  Joe has an engaging, informal style/format that gives it a 'fireside chat' feel.

Of course, one of those October 6-7 marathons was the Chicago Marathon that I recently ran (yep, still on that "finisher's high")..  The show intro states:

Joe ran the 2012 Long Beach Marathon, but there were many other marathons the weekend of October 6 and 7, 2012.  We're shaking things up on this show.  Joe will take you to the expo briefly, then out for most of the course.  It's a shortened version of his typical race coverage as he's adding correspondent reports from the St. George Marathon, Minneapolis Marathon, Steamtown Marathon and the Chicago Marathon.  You'll hear from 4 people that ran those events.  They'll talk about the course, the fall colors, funny things they saw and what each race meant to them.  It's a nice change on a good theme.

The show is known for its interviews with vendors, doctors, elite athletes, and well known personalities in the running community as well as "runners chat" shows that feature regular people who happen to love the sport of running.  Runners like us.  The interviews give a wide variety of perspectives and experiences which resonate with listeners from across the spectrum of the sport -- from beginners to elites.

Up until now, there was a part of me that felt that since I hadn't yet run a Full Marathon, I wasn't yet a "full" member of the audience.  Joe would laugh and say "Nonsense!" if I told him that.  He is truly an ambassador of the sport, regardless of the distance.

This particular broadcast included an interview from someone relatively new to running, and how he just finished his first Full Marathon: Yep, ME! It was fun being interviewed by Joe about my experience running in my hometown of Chicago.  I guess now I am a 'correspondent' for the show! LOL

You can listen to the show at this link, listen to it streamed over the Internet via the Stitcher App on iOS/Android, or you can download it on iTunes,  Perhaps you will be motivated to run a marathon in one of these four events in the future!

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