Healthy Living is a choice of 'will'

This week has been challenging.  Mostly because of personal/life stuff: working out finances, working longer hours at the office, planning for the upcoming holidays, and just feeling tired.  And, I am still trying to fine tune my training plan for the Goofy and Marathon Manic Challenges coming up in 2013.

I found myself not making the best eating choices this week.  Especially at work!  We were in the final week of Open Enrollment at my office, and our Human Resources department has a tradition of having a "Treat of the Day" for each day during Open Enrollment for the HR Team and the I.T. staff who support them (I am in that category).  With the pies, cupcakes, cookies, smoothies, sundaes, pastries, etc that kept showing up, I found myself helping myself far too often (they were tasty!).

I wish I had exercised more self restraint.  I mean, it is okay to treat oneself every now and then, but within reason and fully aware of the impact to one's daily caloric/fat intake.  Not to mention the impact to me as both a Diabetic and an Athlete.  The afternoon sugar spike is not a good thing for me, and all that sugar is not what my body needs to stay in the best condition for running (or for weight loss).  In fact, the extra sugar probably contributed to the lethargy and tiredness at the end of the day.

Healthy Living is a choice.  It is an effort of 'will'.  It is something that I have to recommit myself to everyday.  Part of how I do that is to remind myself each day of WHY living a more healthy, active lifestyle is important to my future.  Goals like being free from diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Today was an another example of keeping my commitment to myself.  I went to see SkyFall last night and as a result, did not get to bed until midnight.  When I woke up at 5:30am, to get ready for my 15M Long Run, I did not feel like getting up at all.  In fact, I slept until 6:30am before getting up.  And even as I ate my pre-race breakfast and got my gear together, I was still unmotivated to hit the road.

I had to stop at Mile 6.6 of my Long Run to enjoy this view of the Lake in Veterans Acres Park.
I had to stop at Mile 6.6 of my Long Run to enjoy this view of the Lake in Veterans Acres Park.

But as they say, "The miles won't run themselves".  So it was a matter of 'will' that got me to drive to my starting point, get out of the car, and start my run.  The weather was nice enough (although I did get rained upon a couple of times), but I had to continue to 'make the decision to run' all the way through those 15 miles.  I enjoyed the run more after the first four miles, and I really enjoyed the view of Veteran Acres Park at Mile 6.  But today was a lesson in 'willful purpose'.

This week ended with a total of 26 miles of training.  That brings my total miles for this year to 928.  Wow!  So the count continues towards the big 1000!  And if I am going to reach that number, and be fully trained and prepared for my running goals in 2013, I cannot afford to let my focus weaken or my resolve dissolve.

May my Will be fortified and steadfast, with God as my source for guidance and strength!  May yours be equally strengthened!

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