Reaching the 1000 mile Milestone!

Today was the end of my sixth week of training for the Disney Goofy Challenge & 5K in January 2013, logging a total of 33 miles and completing my second consecutive back-to-back run weekend (Friday-10M, Saturday-15M, Sunday-3M).  This back-to-back weekend felt strong and has increased my confidence that I will be ready for the Goofy next month.

My miles as recorded in

My miles as recorded in

I ran for 106 miles in November, making it the fifth month this year where I exceeded 100 miles in a month.  A major milestone in my running journey also occurred this weekend.  On Saturday, I officially passed the 1000-mile marker for the 2012 calendar year!  As of Sunday, I have run/walked a total of 1,014 miles in over 214 hours this year!  Crazy, right?!!

I am so very excited about this!  Last year, while training for the Disney Half Marathon, I put in 224 training miles in the fall of 2011.  And back then, I was amazed that anyone could run 1000 miles or more in a single year.  I certainly did not believe that was something I could accomplish.  Heck, I was doubtful I could run 100 miles in a month!

But I was wrong!  This has been a great year.  By the end of it, I expect to have logged over 1,100 miles and be totally ready for the Disney Marathon Weekend.

This coming week is a 'cut back' week with no back-to-back runs.  Yay!  I am not going to lie -- I am looking forward to the less 'intense' week.  Three more weeks before Taper Time!

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