53F means running outside; Yolanda posts "In the Spotlight with Rick"

Last Saturday, I was at a youth retreat called "Happening" out in Gurnee. It was awesome! But because it is totally indoors, I did not get any runs in over the weekend. So, early Saturday morning before most people were awake, I decided to run around the edges of the large open entrance area between the outer doors and the door to the Sanctuary.

I ran the circumference twice at an easy pace and then at a much faster pace for two more laps. And then I kept doing that for about 10 sets. After the first five sets, I changed direction. By the end, I was all warmed up and feeling energized! I was wearing my house shoes (they have a rubber bottom) and didn't have my sports watch so I have no idea how far I ran or what the actual pacing was. The few people who walked in and witnessed this thought I was a crazy person -- one told me I was addicted to running and needed an intervention. Hahaha!

Today was different. First, it was 53F outside (and VERY windy)! So I just HAD to go for a quick run in the good ole outdoors! Grabbed my HRM, my Instinct shoes, running pants, short-sleeved shirt, and a light running jacket and headed out. It was a great day for running! The wind was pretty strong with gusts in the 20mph range, but that just added to the fun (the wind wasn't cold so no windchill). I ran for 3.3 miles at a 10:30/mm pace, with warm-up and cool-down segments. 40 minutes was all I could spare due to my crazy schedule, but boy did it feel great to just be outside and running with the wind, and the sun, and the fresh air!

This was the first time I ran outside in my Instinct (minimalist) shoes. I have to say that they felt really fine on my feet. The occasional tree branch, uneven pavement, slanted curbs, and grassy patches did not cause any awkwardness or discomfort. I was thoroughly enjoying the shoes. And when the run was over, my feet felt really good -- like I hadn't even been running. Score more points for the Instincts!

I am "In the Spotlight"

I had a pleasant surprise this afternoon! Back in January, an AMAZING person named Yolanda Holder asked me if I would share my journey with the readers of her blog "The Road to Guinness". In 2010, Yolanda became a Guinness record holder for the "Most Marathons Run in a Calendar Year" by a woman. 106 Marathons!!!! Isn't that just fantastic???! I think so! That is a feat that I just cannot even put my mind around, and yet she did it with style, humility, and grace.

So when she asked me if I would share my story, I wasn't even sure my story was worthy of being on the same web site as her own. But Yolanda insisted that her readers would find it encouraging and inspirational. So I put something together, along with several photos she requested, and sent it off.

I didn't really know when she was going to post it on her site as an "In the Spotlight" segment. So I was surprised and delighted to see it appear on her site this afternoon! If you want to read it, just click here.

For those of you who have been following my blog, you pretty much know my beginnings and goals for the future. I hope that having my story posted on Yolanda's awesome blog will inspire others to take that first step to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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