Back-to-Back Training Walks

Today was the first 'real' back-to-back set of distance walks. I need to do these to get a sense of what it will feel like when I have to do this for both the upcoming AVON Walk, as well as Disney's Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in 2013 (where I will be running, not walking).

For the past 5 weeks, I have been doing my Long Runs on Saturday mornings, followed by a 10-mile Walk on Sunday. That was still good training for me, but that was when my focus was on the Illinois 5K and Half Marathon at the end of April. Now it is May, and it is all about the walking! (except for one 10-mile race on the 26th).

When I woke up this morning, I could tell that my body was still tired from yesterday's exertions. But I had to be disciplined and get out of bed to take care of my training objective for the day. So I got up, got dressed, and headed out for my 10-mile Walk. Because my legs were tired, it was hard keeping to a 15:00/mm or better pace. So after a while, I just decided to walk at whatever pace felt sustainable, and enjoy the beautiful morning sunshine. I was comfortable (other than my hands were cold) and I had several podcasts lined up - this time it was the Once Upon a Time podcast, the WDW Radio Show, and the Alien Nation podcast.

I walked to my church and back for a total of 10.3 miles. It was funny to wave to my wife and son as they were driving to church while I was walking down McHenry Avenue on the homeward leg of my route. When I got home, I had to immediately jump in the car and drive 'back' to the church to pick up my son who, by then, had just finished serving at the 8AM service. Okay, so getting in the car right after the walk was not the best of ideas. Getting out of that car was not pleasant as my legs had stiffened during the trip. Foam Roller to the rescue (right after I finish this post, in fact).

That makes 25.3 miles for the week (I only hit the pavement on Saturday and today this week so I could rest my left hip). Not too bad as mileage goes. Next week will be fun -- I plan on an 8-mile Walk on Saturday, followed by a 20-mile Walk on Sunday (plus a couple of 'runs' during the week). That next 'back-to-back' will be the last test to see if I am ready for the AVON Walk. I am confident that I am. After that, it is taper time!

Now with the walk 'in the books', I can focus the rest of the day on celebrating Mother's Day with my wife and family.

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