Looking ahead -- AVON, two races, Memorial Day, and more in Four Weeks

As I lay here, slowly waking up and thinking about the tasks i need to accomplish, it seriously just occurred to me just how busy my next four weeks are going to be. I have a lot going on and I will need to be very disciplined about stretching and resting so I can succeed without injury.

Here is my 4-week schedule:

  • May 19: 8-Mile Walk followed by the 'Bark for the Cure' fundraising event
  • May 20: 21-Mile Long Walk around Lake Geneva in Wisconsin with my Avon Team
  • May 23: 3-Mile Easy Run
  • May 26: Soldier Field 10-mile Race in Chicago
  • May 27: 6-Mile Long Walk
  • Jun 2-3: AVON Walk for Breast Cancer (39.3 miles)
  • Jun 7: 3-Mile Easy Run
  • Jun 10: North Shore Half Marathon

And amidst all of that, these next four weeks also include: Memorial Day, my 16th wedding anniversary, my son's 14th birthday, my son's 8th Grade Honors Night, and a reunion party with alumni from my high school.

I think life will get a lot easier when all I have to worry about is training for the Chicago Marathon! LOL. (Did I just say that?)

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