Really? Getting in my first 'run' for May?

Believe it or not, today was the first time I have gone out for an actual "run" in the month of May. All of May has been focused on preparing for the AVON Walk, so all my trainings have been speed walks. I have walked over 71 miles this month so far.

So I figured since I am running a 10-Mile race this Saturday, perhaps I should get in a quick run just to make sure I could still "do it". The muscles and mechanics of running are different than for walking (in fact, walking involves more muscles than running, and you are on your feet for much longer).

So I went out for a quick run because I was time-challenged this morning. I did my usual 5-minute warm-up and cool-down walks, of course. I decided to just take it easy and ran for 2.09 miles at a casual pace (basically whatever my body settled into). I did not pay any attention to my sports watch during the run, I just wanted to run comfortably and see what that ended up to be.

The first 1/2 mile felt kinda strange. I was so used to walking that my rhythm felt 'off' and not in sync with my breathing. But after about 5-6 minutes, I was feeling fine and enjoying the effort. It was a nice sunny morning, 60 degrees, and breezy. I decided to wear my 'zero-drop' Instincts for the run just for a change of pace from the Newtons, and they felt good. I like the bigger toebox. :)

At the end of the run, I checked my watch. I found that I had run at a 9:58/mm pace, which given the fact I hadn't run since April 28th, I was pleased with. No pain or stiffness during or afterwards either. Since this is my first 10-Mile race, any finish time is a PR, so I am not going to worry about pacing on Saturday. I am just going to enjoy the run down Lake Shore Drive. The last thing I need is an injury a week before the AVON Walk, right?

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