The last AVON Training Walk -- 6 days until we Walk!

The AVON Walk is fast approaching -- only 6 days from today!!! This Friday, June 1st, Christi and I will head to "Event Eve" at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rosemont to meet up with thousands of fellow walkers as we prepare for the BIG Day on June 2nd!

Today was my last Training Walk before Friday. It was a nice walk to/from Lundahl Middle School at 6:40am this morning. I started off at a relaxed pace because I just didn't see the need to push myself today. It was a sunny, 75 degree day with a slight wind -- couldn't have been a better day to get outside!

On my way back from the school, I was all warmed up and feeling good so I picked up the pace. I averaged a 14:00/mm pace for the last 3 miles of the walk which was awesome. Of course, the first 3.7 miles were around a 17:30/mm pace so the overall pacing was 15:53/mm for the 6.7 miles I walked. Total mileage for May is now 90.9 miles!!

A cool thing happened during my walk back home. I passed a woman who was running towards me, and after having greeted her with a smile and a "Good Morning!", she said "Excuse me", stopped and came back to me. She asked me who I was. When I told her, she said "I know you! You are friends with Tonya." I said "Yes I am".

Then she told me that Tonya had told her about my journey, sent her some of my blog posts, and that she found them very inspiring. I was really touched by that. And then she told me that Tonya has started running herself and has already lost 20lbs!

I started this journey so I could live a good, long, healthy life. And along the way, I started this blog for two main reasons: 1) to track my progress and keep myself accountable to my goals, and 2) to share the journey with others who may find my experiences helpful and motivating for themselves. Hearing that Tonya has begun her own journey really made my day!! ROCK ON, Tonya!!

Well, this week will be focused on getting all my gear, clothing, fuel, and supplies together for the AVON Walk. I am VERY EXCITED!!! I cannot wait for the Walk to begin on Saturday morning at 6:30am at Soldier Field, when we walk a Full Marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Then we eat, rest, and start again on Sunday when we walk a Half Marathon distance of 13.1 miles, returning to Soldier Field for the closing ceremonies. Everyone tells me that these 39.3 miles will be fun, emotional, and amazing. I fully expect to be overwhelmed and amazed.

I want to thank ALL of those who have supported me with their words, prayers, hugs, and financial donations to the AVON Foundation. I walk for a wonderful cause -- finding an end to breast cancer. And I am thankful for having friends and family like you who have helped me to reach this point. I will be thinking of you all on Saturday morning and throughout this tremendous event. Your partnership means so very much to me.

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