The Marathon Show: A fun, informative podcast for runners

A good friend and podcaster, Joe Taricani, maintains a podcast and web site called The Marathon Show.  Now there are many running podcasts out there (I listen to several), but Joe's podcast is unique in my mind.  And I encourage anyone who is running for fun, fitness, or as a serious competitor to give it a go.  You can find it on iTunes or stream it from his web site.

Joe Taricani, host of the Marathon Show Podcast

Joe Taricani, host of the Marathon Show Podcast

What I love about this show is Joe's unique way of sharing his love of the sport.  He brings TONS of positive energy and genuine love of the sport to the listeners.  And he does this in a way that engages the listeners as friends, peers, and follow enthusiasts.  He never talks as if he is above the listener.  He talks to us as if we were longtime friends who get together regularly to share knowledge, experience, and good-natured humor.  The show really isn't about Joe -- it is about his listeners and our mutual love of running.

Some of his podcasts feature interviews with well known runners in the sport who share their experiences and tips with us.  Other show topics cover gear, training, running form, and roundtable discussions with runners of all levels (including his listeners).  He hosts interviews with sports doctors, trainers, and other professionals who offer insights that will help you 'run faster, smarter, and injury-free'.  And sometimes, he has 'coffee with the audience' shows where he responds to caller questions.  He occasionally records shows 'live' so that the audience can interact with him in real-time.

He also does something unique during races -- he broadcasts DURING THE RACE!  All 26.2 or 13.1 miles of a race, he is out there with a microphone and an 'on air' sign talking to the runners on the course, sharing his experiences along the way, covering the expo, and sharing his post-race observations.  He often says he loves to 'make us famous' -- yeah, us regular, non-elite runners who go out there and compete.

This week he did such a broadcast while he ran the San Francisco Marathon.  He also produced a really awesome video collage of photographs taken at races across the United States so far in 2012.  The video, in my opinion, really captures the emotion, camaraderie, and excitement that runners experience -- giving perhaps an insight as to why we love to run and why the running community can be such fun and encouraging.  I hope you enjoy the video.  (And if you look closely, you will see a photo of me at the finish of my first Half Marathon at Disney World this January!)

In case you read this, Joe, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador of the sport, bringing runners of all ages and levels together to share what is awesome about running and to make all of us 'famous.'  Keep doing what you do, my friend!

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