2013 is the Year for Weight Loss Challenges

February started off with my second Full Marathon for 2013.  Some might think that was 'challenge' enough, especially given that it was only three weeks since running the "Dopey" (a 5K, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon on consecutive days) at Disney World. And, they would be correct! But I just couldn't let sleeping dogs lie.


One of my goals for 2013 is to lose more weight.   I still have around 40 more pounds to drop before I feel I have reached a 'good' weight for me (around 200 pounds).  The body weight calculations on the Internet all say I should be around 160 lbs, but that is just 'crazy talk' -- I would look like emaciated.   I haven't weighed that little since high school and I don't expect I will ever get down to that weight again (by choice).

So two separate opportunities to challenge myself to work harder towards losing those pounds arose, and I knew that I just HAD to sign up for BOTH of them!  I respond well to challenges, and I really want to lose this weight!  So what better way, than to accept the accountability and encouragement from like-minded folks who are equally focused on similar goals!

So the two challenges I signed up for this month are through my health club and my racing team.

The Logo of the Disney WISH running group

The Logo of the Disney WISH running group

The first challenge is through the Disney running group called W.I.S.H. (We're Inspired to Stay Healthy), where I am part of a specific racing team called "Hakuna Matata".  The team (all of whom are just awesome friends) decided to hold a weight loss challenge for three months, where each week we would tally points based upon multiple criteria and report our progress (including a weekly weigh-in) on every Friday.  Points are based upon completion of various weekly objective including weight loss percentage, hours of exercise, servings of dairy/veggies/fruit, amount of water consumed, among others.  Our team captain keeps all our information in a spreadsheet and maintains a report of our progress.  Extra bonus points are awarded if you get a new PR during a race too!

LifeTime Logo.jpg

The second challenge is through my health club and is called the LifeTime Fitness 90-Day Challenge.  This program also has a weekly weigh-in (on Tuesday), and offers various fitness classes each week that are free for participants in the program.  There are three 5K races included in the program as well as swimming, yoga, strength training, zumba, self defense, pilates, bootcamps, total body workouts and just about everything you can think of to help you improve your fitness and lose weight.  It also offers nutrition classes and one workout with a Personal Trainer assigned to you each week.

Both of these programs will last through May.  And I hope to lose at least 15 pounds and reduce my Body Fat Percentage by another 5%.  And with weekly weigh-ins on two separate days -- Tuesdays and Fridays -- it will keep me motivated to stay focused and not cheat.  My weeks are going to be busy with 3-4 days of running and 2 days of fitness classes through LifeTime.  But the effort should pay off with solid results.

I do have races scheduled throughout these three months so I will have to be careful not to over-train and listen to my body for times when I need more rest between workouts.  But overall, I think this will be a positive step towards a healthier, lighter me!

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