A very encouraging diabetes checkup today!

This Monday, I went to have blood drawn for a series of tests that would be evaluated as part of my Diabetes Recheck appointment that was held this morning.  My last diabetes check-up and annual physical were on October 17th (a week after the Chicago Marathon).  So I have been anxiously waiting to see how things have been since that time.


I have been trying to choose healthier foods and avoid fast food and sweets (and I have been pretty good about that, except for my love of Milk Duds during a movie).  I drink 64oz of water a day, avoid soda (I prefer iced tea now), and take multivitamins, fish oil, and glucosamine twice a day.  I eat my veggies and fruit (although I need to eat more), and I try hard to watch my overall intake of fat, carbs, protein, calories, cholesterol, and sodium.

And I am staying active, mostly through my running but also with swimming and walking.  I really need to add strength training back into my weekly routine like I did last year, and I want to do even more swimming.  Fitting all of this into my schedule is definitely a challenge, particularly given my training schedule.  But the good news is that I am staying active.

So today was going to either affirm the benefits of my actions since October, or be a 'wake up call' to make some adjustments.

Thankfully, it was the former and not the latter.!  I have lost 15lbs since last October so my doctor was very pleased with that.  My A1c result was 5.8 which is within the range for a non-Diabetic person -- another win!  And the rest of my blood work all came in at healthy, normal levels.  Even my blood pressure was awesome at 110/74 with a pulse rate of 56 (it was 47 when I woke up this morning).

So, all indications show that what I am doing is working.  I still need to lose more weight, and I definitely need to adjust my workouts to include more strength training and core work.  And, there is still lots of room for making better food and snack choices.  But I am a happy guy today! because I am still making solid progress!

It just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, and really focus on your goal (mine was to get off medications, lose weight, and 'feel better'), then you can accomplish your objectives.  You just have to believe in yourself; develop and follow a plan of action; be consistent; and celebrate each success along the way.  You can take control of your life and turn it around.

Mine is still a work in progress.  How about you?  If you are still thinking about it, then why not start your 'course correction' today!

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