Good news today! Diabetes Managed!

On Saturday, I went to see my doctor for my regular 3-month check-up and bloodwork for my diabetes.  He said that everything looks really good!  I found out he is a runner and was going to run the Chicago Marathon the next day.  So we discussed how my running was going, if I was doing enough stretching before and after my runs, etc.  He definitely suggested that after my warm-up walk/jog, I should stop and do some stretching before I begin my actual 'run'.  Combining that with my usual post-run stretching and foam rolling should help me prevent injury (something I am very interested in avoiding).

My weight is continuing to drop, which has been one of my main goals since May 2010.  I am certain that being overweight (obese, actually) was a major contributing factor to my diabetes, and a major drag upon my overall health.  With over 110.2 pounds shed thus far, the doctor is overjoyed.  My next goal is to lose 20 more before the end of 2011 and to lose a total of 160 pounds by the end of April 2012 (when I plan on running the Illinois Half Marathon).

He and I discussed my medication and whether stopping the Metformin is a possibility now that I have demonstrated continuing success as managing my blood glucose levels over the past 6 months.  He said I could stop the meds but that on Monday, when the results of my bloodwork are in, he would 'confirm' that decision if the results came back as we both expected.

Well, the results are IN!  And, NO MORE MEDS will be required for me!!!!  My HbA1c came back at 5.8% which is a non-diabetic level.  My test results for this have been between 5.5 and 5.8 since April -- even as my meds have been slowly reduced over this period -- so he is very pleased with that.

While I could say "I am no longer a diabetic", that would not be entirely honest.  Diabetes will always be something I need to keep under control, so that I never have to experience any of its damaging and potentially life-threatening complications.  So my job is to continue exercising and eating healthy (and appropriately portioned) meals in order to successfully manage my diabetes and weight.  In other words, to stay a 'lean, mean, running machine'.

I will slightly adjust a line from Harry Potter and say "Diabetes Managed!"


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