Running with friends is cool!

Well, this was kind of a humdrum training week.  On Tuesday, I ran striders -- four times "1-minute speed segment (at a 9:30-10:30 pace) followed by 1-minute easy run pace segment".  This is going to be a regular Tuesday or Thursday training activity.  I did that several times with a 5-minute easy run between each set.  It went pretty well!  Each week, I will be increasing the length of the speed run segment -- initially by increasing the length of time but eventually switching to distance rather than time.  This process is designed to increase my overall run speed.  Let's hope it works as planned.

On Thursday, it rained most of the morning.  And I decided not to run in the rain in the dark (rain wasn't so much the issue as my concern about running at night and slipping due to an unexpected hazard).  So Mike Rice and I met up at LifeTime to do a 30-minute run on the Treadmill.  We kinda missed each other at first -- I couldn't find him.  So after a while, I went to do my warm-up and Mike found me.  He had been doing his warm-up in a different part of the gym.

So we did our 30-minutes side-by-side, which was really aweome.  I ran a comfortable 11:20 pace at a 2% incline so that I could talk easily.  I got caught up with stories about his recent marathons in Wisconsin and Chicago.  It is really nice to have a running partner who is so passionate about running.  It helps energize me and keeps me motivated.  After the run, we went for breakfast and talked races, equipment, family, etc.  Good times!  Unfortunately, I had to leave for work afterwards...

Our next race together will be the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Looking forward to carpooling downtown together with another friend of Mike's and tackling the race.  It will be interesting to see what the weather is going to be like (i.e. how cold will it be!).

Mike wants me to run the Polar Dash on Jan 14th -- seven days after the WDW Half Marathon.  I am pretty excited about running but I am not sure I am up for two Half Marathons a week apart.  WDW will be the first Half for me, and I have no idea how my legs will feel 7 days later.  The Polar Dash has both a 10K and a Half so I think I will compromise and sign up for the 10K -- I should be able to run (or run/walk) 6 miles by then (and the fleece running jacket and medal you get look awesome!).  Beth: I am fully expecting your feedback on this one.  :)

Sunday is the Pumpkin Stampede 5K Fun Run.  I am looking forward to this run, especially since it is in my city so I don't have to get up early to get there on time.  Race starts at 8am so I should be able to run the race, return home, shower, and then be at church for the 10am service.  WooHoo!  (I hope the shirt is cool)


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