is running a 5K each month too much?

So I thought I was pretty much done with scheduled runs this year. I mean really, I am a new runner so I need to take care not to overdo it, avoid overtraining, and pace myself as I slowly build up my stamina, endurance, and allow my body to adjust to this whole running thing.

So how many runs should I take on this year? Is there a general guideline as to how much time there should be between run events? Anyone who is reading this is encouraged to enlighten this newbie! :)

Before this morning, I was scheduled to do the following 5K runs:

  • Weight Watchers 5K Walkit in May
  • LifeTme Challenge 5K in July
  • AIDS Chicago 5K in October

    I was cool with that. But then this morning I saw two other runs that peaked my curiosity. One was the Rock-n-Roll TuneUp 5K in Chicago at Montrose Harbor on June 19th. This is a Chip Timed Event -- my first one of those. There will be entertainment and the route should be scenic and fun. And since I am probably running their Half Marathon event next summer with my friend Beth, I figured why not run their 5K! So I am signed up for it. Anyone else want to join me? Let me know! More info can be found here.

    The other was a "running cruise". I had never heard of such a thing. But John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield are organizing two -- one to Alaska and one to the Caribbean -- and they look like a lot of fun. Not to mention the idea of running in a totally different location where there would be so much to see! Four runs totaling 26.2K plus all the other cool stuff that comes along with being on a cruise. More info can be found at Like No Marathon on Earth. I have not signed up for this yet but I am so tempted....

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