One on One with a Personal Trainer... Priceless!

Today I showed up for my Cardio workout and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the only person in my TEAM who showed up! I say 'pleasantly' because this turned out to be an awesome opportunity. Meghan, the PT instructor for the class -- and a marathoner -- basically worked with me one-on-one for the entire 50 minutes! The best workout ever!

It turns out that she trained for her marathons with Chicago Endurance Sports and knows Coach Jenny! How cool is that! She told me a lot about their program, making my desire to train with them even greater now. She very excited that I plan to run a half marathon next summer and the full Chicago Marathon in 2013. Her support is a boost to my enthusiasm!

We discussed my running and fitness goals, what I have done so far, and most importantly, how to incorporate my TEAM Cardio workouts with my running practice time so that I can continue to prepare for the next 5K race while not overtraining. She also worked with me on my running form, heart rate zones, etc. For the remaining weeks of the TEAM Weight Loss program, she is going to alter my routine to include more jogging/running so that I can keep working on reaching a maintainable 3:2 run-walk interval for my May 22nd 5K race. (My last 5K was done in a 2:3 interval)

Because the TEAM program is scheduled for three days a week, I was concerned about how to fit in my running time into my week (I do strength training two days a week). So she figured if I do more jogging/running during the cardio program, then I can reserve Saturdays for my outdoor runs (weather permitting).

So my plan between now and May 22nd is to incorporate running into my TEAM cardio program three times a week and then work on 3:2 interval runs outdoors on my Saturdays. So this Saturday, I will do 3:2 intervals for 2 miles. Then the next two Saturdays, I will run the intervals for a distance of 2.5 miles. That will take me to May 14. After that, it will be a 'taper' week leading up to May 22nd.

My goal: to run that race at least 2-3 minutes faster than the 42:41 time I clocked last weekend. I feel good about that goal and I am going to reach it!

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