New week, new changes

Monday was a good cardio day! I went to my TEAM workout where we did a lot more running this time. I did all the intervals at 5.0mph; it was more challenging but I did it. W00t! I was able to clock 3.1 miles during the workout so I am feeling good about the 5K coming up on the 22nd. I think The Penguin is going to be running it too; I hope to meet him!

Then I went to work and stopped by the cafeteria to get some protein after my hour drive from LifeTime. One of the workers said she was going to start walking during her break. So I asked if I could join her to get in a daily walk at work. She agreed. So we walked outside around our warehouse building. Not a long walk to be sure but it was .6 of a mile at a good pace. I'll take it! And, because we do it at 11am, it is good to raise the metabolism right before lunch time.

On the way home, I stopped by Dick's Sporting Goods and picked up a couple of tech shirts, some running socks, and a patella strap for my right knee. Variety is always a good thing (and it doesn't hurt to look good when you're running in the neighborhood).

On Tuesday, I had a Strength Training session with Jordan. He changed it up on me! He added four 3-minute runs along with the lifting and core exercises. This kept the heart rate up and made for a solid workout. I wished he'd told me that he was going to do this because I did not bring my running shoes/footpod with me. Oh well, I will know better next time. I restocked on Omega-3 and Vitamin supplements today -- my stock was getting low.

Jordan and I are going to be on a team competing in a 12-week Calorie Challenge, where the team that burns the most calories can win some decent prizes. We have a group of six on the team and we each have to burn at least 25,000 calories during the 12-weeks. Shouldn't be a problem for me cuz I burn a minimum of 2,800 calories each week already.

LaShon and I did our 11am walk again this morning. I was late (11:05am) so she started without me. So I had to run about 100 yards to catch up to her. That got the heart movin! Another workmate asked me to join another walk at 12:15pm. So I am going to go grab something to eat right now so I have some fuel for this next walk. I have no idea how long the walk is going to be so I might have to track it on my iPhone.

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