Assessment Day

So today, the first 20 minutes of our workout time was an assessment to see how we are progressing. The last one we did was about 4 weeks ago. Good news! I have lost 10 pounds over the last four weeks! Yay me! And my flexibility has improved as well as my sit-up and push-up counts. It is nice to see the results of all the labor, right?

Then we had to see how far we could run/walk in 30 minutes. So I decided to do 3:2 run intervals. I clocked 2.21 miles in 30 minutes. That is faster than my pace for my last 5K but had I gone the full 3.1 miles it might not have clocked under 40 minutes -- my next goal. So I figure to run a 5K below 40 minutes, I have to average a pace of 13 min/mile or better. So I have to run between 4.5-5.0mph to reach that goal on May 22nd.

So I am placing my assessment in the 'win' column! And this Saturday, I will see how well I can meet the 13 min/mile goal on my practice run. May 22nd is coming up fast!

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