I am doing it!

I have made my decision. I am going to run my first 10K race! On August 21st, I am going to run the Windrunner 10K in Wheaton IL in a Forest Preserve. So the course will be a trail rather than concrete -- much nicer on the knees -- and I will be running through wooded areas so there should be some shade along the course.

So I have another goal to accomplish and train for. Hopefully, it won't be crazy hot and humid at 8am that morning.

I know I can run the 5K, and i have several of those scheduled between now and July. So I figure my next 'challenge' is to increase the distance. My trainer says it is a reachable goal for me, and that it is good to 'face your fear' and take it to the next level. Besides, I need to run a good 10K before I start thinking about the half marathon next summer, right?

So, prayers and prep work are starting right now!

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