Trainer 'no show' and Thor 3D = missed workouts

Well, the last few days have been interesting on the exercise front. My son has been in the hospital since Tuesday, and with my wife staying with him at the hospital, my mornings and evenings have become more complicated. Especially the mornings, because now I have animals to take care of when I get up (not usually my responsibility). (FYI: Number One Son will be fine, hoping he will be home this weekend)

So on Thursday, I was supposed to do Strength Training with my trainer Jordan. So I wake myself up, get the dog and fish squared away, get dressed and head to LifeTime Fitness. I get there only to find that my trainer is nowhere to be found. Really? I was not amused.

Since I had not planned to be running, I had only brought my cross trainer shoes. So after a little while of waiting, I just decided to get in a quick jog and call it a day (I was really tired anyway and I wasn't feeling the drive to lift weights by myself). So I got in a 2 mile walk-run and left much earlier than usual. So I guess we will call this my 'mild day'. I figured I will work hard on my Friday cardio.

That would have worked out fine, except that I went to see Thor 3D at midnight on Friday. Awesome movie!!!!! My plan? Get in a 3 hour nap beforehand, then see the movie, then get 3 more hours of sleep before my cardio workout. Good plan, eh?

Well, it 'was' a good plan. But the reality wasn't well executed. I overslept and missed my workout! I woke up at 6:15am (15 minutes late for the workout) with my alarm shouting at me. Ooops!!! Sorry, Meghan! Blame Thor 3D for its awesomeness! (At least I got some run time in on Thursday...)

So I am going to have to put in a solid run on Saturday morning to make up for missing Friday. I can expect no less, right?

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