Running the Rock-n-Roll 5K Race this Sunday

I am really pumped for my next race in Chicago -- the Rock-n-Roll 5K Tune-up! Everyone who runs has likely heard about the Rock-n-Roll Marathon series that occurs all over the country (they are hosting a half marathon in Chicago this August). They are now scheduling shorter, 5K races. So I knew I had to compete. The race is near the Lake Michigan shoreline and will have live entertainment at the Finish Party.

The race is chip-timed so I will get another official time to add to my newborn running career/passion. And you get a 'unique finisher medal' -- I hope it is a cool one! You also get a pair of cool flip flops and a t-shirt. Not sure what I am going to do with flip flops since I don't wear them -- maybe I can use them as shower shoes on my mission trip in August.

So let's pray that the weatherman is wrong and that it does not rain during the race (which starts at 8AM on that Sunday). I would prefer not to run in the rain or on wet, potentially slippery surfaces. Even with the rain, they are predicting temps in the low 80s. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

I feel pretty solid about this race. I am shooting for a new PR. And who knows? Maybe I will get an Age Group medal (not betting on it but ya never know...)

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