10K Training - Week Three

My Wednesday started off with my TEAM Weight Loss cardio program at the club. Good workout -- man, those 15% inclines on the treadmill was tough! Afterwards, Meghan and I sat down and discussed my 10K and Half Marathon weekly training plans to make sure I am not overtraining, and, I wanted to get her blessing that the progression was realistic for me. We made some adjustments but basically it all looked great. Meghan has worked with Coach Jenny and her company CES in Chicago, so she really has a good handle on this stuff. And it helps that she is a marathoner and triathlete herself.

Then at 6:30pm, it was time for my 10K Training session. The workout was slated for a 3-mile run. I was pretty psyched for that. Only problem was that it had been raining all day and I didn't really want to run in the rain. Not so much because of the water, but because I didn't want to slip and fall and injure myself right before my race on Sunday.

The first part of the training program each Wednesday is a presentation and discussion with a speaker covering a specific topic. The second part is the group run. This week, we heard about gear/clothing. We talked about compression vs non-compression clothing, weather gear choices, various options for shirts, shorts, hats, etc. All pretty good stuff. While this was going on, it was storming outside! I was looking out and thinking "I do not want to run in THAT!"

Luckily, the rain stopped about 5 minutes before our run was going to begin. Thank goodness! So we were able to get our 3-mile run in with only light drizzle to keep us company. The run felt good but I was a bit tired. I was able to keep my pace between 11:00 and 13:00 (and my heart rate in Zones 2 & 3) for the run (and threw in a final 9:45 pace run for the last 1/4 mile to the finish just for fun).

I have determined that I do not like running/working out in the evenings -- I am just too tired by the end of the work day. And, since I have been doing my long runs on Saturdays for a while, making the change to Wednesdays for my long runs is also difficult. I will be happy when this training program is done in mid-August so I can go back to a routine with my long runs on Saturday mornings.

So for the rest of this week, I am going to be taking it easy so I am ready for the Sunday race. Rest Day today. XT (Cross Training) on Friday morning. And then another Rest Day on Saturday (I'll take a good walk with the dog just to 'move' a bit). Then it will be Race Day at 8am on Sunday. I feel good and am shooting for a PR!

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